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The success and efficiency of a business directly depends on the human factor. Therefore, the management of our company takes care to ensure a harmonious and positive atmosphere in the workplace. For this purpose, special questionnaires are used, through which conclusions are drawn about the operation of the business, but also about ways to improve it.

Our staff consists of 36 highly trained employees,
who are employed in the following departments:


Accounting department

Refrigerated and cooling warehouses

Distribution of frozen products

Distribution of refrigeration products

Refrigeration system technicians

Having adopted a common direction and driven by our continuous improvement, we make sure not to lose the pulse of development. In-house seminars, as well as seminars from external bodies, contribute decisively to this purpose.

Career Opportunities

In the company PAPADOPOULOS IOANNIS AND SON GP. we are looking for people with a strong appetite for work. If you are interested in joining our team, do not hesitate to send your CV to info@trofodosia.com