We say goodbye to 2018, and welcome 2019, taking a look at the most important events concerning our company, as well as evaluating the implementation of the goals we set on an annual basis.


Our primary goal for 2018 in the area of ​​sales was to maintain them at the same level as in 2017. Analyzing the statistics at the end of the year, we find that not only did our sales not decrease, but instead a significant increase was observed.


In addition, the goal for the continuous training of our employees was achieved to a significant extent, as several hours were dedicated to training accounting employees, through special in-company seminars. 


It is worth noting that in 2018 we managed to create a system for recording customer complaints, through which we can resolve potential problems and fully satisfy the needs of our customers.


With a vision for the business development and progress of the company, towards the end of 2018 we welcomed another company into our family. This is FRIESLANDCAMPINA HELLAS SA., a member of Royal FrieslandCampina, one of the largest companies producing dairy products on a global scale. The wide range of products of FRISLANDCAMPINA HELLAS SA. includes milks, creams, yogurts, and cheeses under the brands NOUNOU, FRISO, MILNER and FINA, as well as professional products under the brands FRICO, DEBIC and Barista’s Gold.


So, with optimism and potential, we look to the future of our company and our entry into new markets.