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Distribution and wholesale company of refrigerated and frozen food

The company PAPADOPOULOS IOANNIS & SON G.P. was founded in 1988 in the form of a sole proprietorship, as PAPADOPOULOS IOANNIS. It started operating in its own facilities in Polichni of Thessaloniki, initially distributing ice creams of the KRIKRI company.


Later, in 1993, with its growth and development, the company took its present full form and moved to the Municipality of Lagadas, in privately owned facilities, which include central administration offices, refrigerated and freezing warehouses, as well as a dry goods warehouse.

The main activity of our company is the wholesale trade of refrigerated and frozen foods, as well as their distribution in areas of central Macedonia.


Our company offers the following services:

Sale of refrigerated and frozen products



Food storage and distribution


Company history timeline

Start of cooperation with the company KRIKRI SA.
Storage and Distribution of KRIKRI ice creams
Transfer to facilities in Lagada Municipality
Refrigerated chamber construction
Extension of cooperation with KRIKRI S.A. in the field of yogurts
Start of cooperation with the company KON ROL
Complete the renovation of offices and cooling and refrigerated chambers
Start of business with frozen doughs of the company Pillsbury
Start of cooperation with the company FRISLANDKABINA HELLAS S.A.
  • 1988: Έναρξη συνεργασίας με την εταιρεία ΚΡΙΚΡΙ Α.Ε. Αποθήκευση και Διανομή παγωτών ΚΡΙΚΡΙ
  • 1993: Μεταφορά σε εγκαταστάσεις στο Δήμο Λαγκαδά
  • 1999: Κατασκευή θαλάμου συντήρησης
  • 2000: Επέκταση συνεργασίας με την ΚΡΙΚΡΙ Α.Ε. στον τομέα των γιαουρτιών
  • 2001: Έναρξη συνεργασίας με την εταιρεία KON ROL
  • 2016: Πλήρης ανακαίνιση γραφείων και θαλάμων ψύξης και συντήρησης
  • 2017: Εκκίνηση ενασχόλησης με κατεψυγμένες ζύμες της εταιρείας Pillsbury
  • 2018: Έναρξη συνεργασίας με την εταιρεία ΦΡΗΣΛΑΝΤΚΑΜΠΙΝΑ ΕΛΛΑΣ Α.Ε.

Our goals

In our company we have set the following goals:

  • Continuous self-improvement in the area of ​​our business performance
  • Continuous information, training and capacity building of our staff
  • Existence of a favorable climate within the company
  • Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers
  • Understanding customer needs and meeting expectations