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Constantly aiming at the stability of an organizational structure, which guarantees the safety of food in circulation, our company has installed and implements a Food Safety Management System according to the ISO 22000:2005 standard . The basic quality policy, based on which all the company’s processes are planned, are summarized in the following tactics:

Our facilities (warehouses, antechambers, etc.) comply with all the prerequisites, as well as the operational prerequisites, which ensure the appropriate food hygiene and safety conditions (such as chemical mats, hand disinfection, bellows, ideal temperature conditions in antechambers etc)

We analyze all potential foodborne hazards arising during food handling-storage to identify potential critical control points

We implement a Food Safety Management System in accordance with the ΕΝ ISO 22000:2005 standard or the currently applicable configurations of the standard, in the involved functions of

We provide the appropriate resources to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of the Food Safety Management System

We remedy any identified non-conformities in an adequate and satisfactory manner

We verify the Food Safety Management System by conducting Internal inspections and using measurable indicators for the safety of the products in circulation

We review our Food Safety Management System at regular intervals to ensure adequacy and improve the system

We communicate our Food Safety Policy to all our members, suppliers, employees and customers

We properly train all staff involved in the handling and storage of food

We faithfully comply with all the conditions and restrictions set by the Accredited Certification Body, after the official certification according to EN ISO 22000:2005

We evaluate, focus and ensure that we satisfy our customers' requirements to the maximum

As part of the ISO 22000 standard we carry out a virtual recall of products on an annual basis so that we are prepared in case of problem products