Refrigerated foods should generally be kept at 5 degrees Celsius. However, the temperatures inside the refrigerator are not the same everywhere. Therefore, a more extensive analysis should be done on how ideally we should place our products in the refrigerator based on 5°C.


In the drawers that are located low in the refrigerator and the temperature reaches up to 10 degrees C, it is good to keep our vegetables and fruits. Fruits can be placed in the drawers without a bag, while vegetables in general need moisture and cold and therefore should be in tightly closed plastic bags.


On the lowest shelf, above the drawers the temperature is about 2°C, this is the coldest part of our fridge. Fresh meat, chicken and fish should be placed there, as they are a very perishable food group, which could become a source of contamination for other foods. By placing only such foods on the low shelf, there is no risk of our other foods being “dirty” from any meat broths.

On the middle shelf, which has a temperature of 4-5°C, we store dairy products (eggs, milk, cheese), cold meats, already cooked foods, as well as products that must be kept in the refrigerator after opening their packaging, as indicated and on their labels. In these foods, the expiration date should be expressly observed and should not be consumed after this date. Alternatively, we place them on our highest shelf, with a temperature of around 8°C.

Temperatures are higher (10-15°C) on the refrigerator door, as well as in the cases that are located above them. There, we prefer to place foods that require slight cooling, such as cubes, mustard and butter.